Ian McElhinney Biography

Birthday: 2012-07-17
Place of Birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Wokenwell Sgt Duncan Bonney 1997
Maisie Raine C.S. Jack Freeman 1998 Crime
Blind Justice 2005 - 2005 Action
Leap Years 2010 Comedy
Titanic: Blood and Steel Sir Henry Carlton 2012 Drama
The Fall Morgan Monroe 2016
Game of Thrones Barristan Selmy 3727 Adventure
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Acceptable Levels Andy 1985
Anne Devlin Maj Sirr 1986 Drama
Reefer and the Model Reefer 1988
The Grasscutter 1990
The Playboys Joe Cassidy 1992 Drama, Romance
Blind Justice 1994
Small Faces 1996 Drama
This Is the Sea 1998 Drama, Romance
Borstal Boy Verreker 2000 Drama, Romance
Mapmaker Inspector Devlin 2001 Thriller
Omagh Stanley McCombe 2004 Drama
City of Ember 2008 Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Triage Ivan 2009 Drama, Mystery
Leap Year 2010 Comedy, Romance
Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne Skip 2010 Drama
The Front Line 2011 0, 0, Romance