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Film title: If I Didn't Care
Language: English, French
Plot: Hitchcockian film noir/thriller set in the exclusive resort community of The Hamptons. Trophy husband Davis Meyers meets local investigator Linus. Davis Meyers' ill-fated attempt to produce an heir leads to infidelity, murder and tragic consequences. Classic film noir in the style of the '40s and '50s.

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If I Didn't Care Cast & Crew

Bill Sage
as Davis Meyers
Susan Misner
as Hadley Templeton
Roy Scheider
as Linus Boyer
Noelle Beck
as Janice Meyers
Ronald Guttman
as Mr. Ayad
Brian McQuillan
as Officer Hoyle
Nico Yektai
as Greek 1
Darius Yekati
as Greek 2
Alex Kilgore
as Hamster
Constance Barron
as Cynthia Chorley
Jack Marks
as Old Man Hank
Sam Riley
as Young Man on Bus
Holly Barron
as Niki Lerner