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Film title: If You Could Say It in Words
Language: English
Plot: The debut feature from A Chip & A Chair Films, IF YOU COULD SAY IT IN WORDS is an indelible, character-driven portrait of two very different but equally broken souls. Nelson is a painter with undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome, struggling to complete a triptych on the theme of emotions he can only understand on an intellectual level. Sadie is a girl whose big-city dreams were dashed before she crawled home to Philadelphia, where she treads water at a job that's not her career, with a roommate who's not her friend and a bedmate who's not her lover. She is sleeping with her boss, Mark... which would come as a surprise to his wife. For Sadie and Nelson, a one-night stand turns into much more. For the first time, Nelson is overcome by the emotions that he paints. With him, Sadie is freed from the strains and pressures of day-to-day "real life." As the weeks go by, they come to share their secrets freely, but sharing feelings comes slower. Soon however, the jealousies and suspicions of others plant doubts in Sadie's head about the future. As Nelson becomes more immersed in his triptych, racing to capture on canvas what he cannot say in words, Sadie is pushed to finally decide in what direction she will take her life. Unapologetically romantic, savagely realistic, IF YOU COULD SAY IT IN WORDS takes a long, hard look at the price of integrity and the illogical ways of the heart.

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If You Could Say It in Words Cast & Crew

Marin Ireland
as Sadie Mitchell
Alvin Keith
as Nelson Hodge
Gerry Lehane
as Dr. Mark Gibson
Yvonne Woods
as Julia Gibson
Suzanna Guzman
as Maria Ramirez
Stephen Henderson
as Baseball Fan
Dana Snyder
as Baseball Fan
Douglas Stewart
as Dr. Sid Meyers
McDonald Gray Jr.
as Dr. Radison
Gregory Marcel
as Justin
Lewis Korff
as Nervous Patient
Richard Sands
as Rushed Patient
Susan Rosetti
as Stargazer Lily
Steph Hayes
as Stargazer Lily