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Film title: Il commissario Lo Gatto
Language: Italian
Plot: Police commissioner Lo Gatto is in charge of the local Italian police station within Vatican State. During an investigation, following the murder of a Vatican priest, he decides to question the Pope!!! For this reason Lo Gatto is sent to a Sicilian remote island: Favignana. Nevertheless in the island there isn't anything to do for a police commissioner Lo Gatto decides to investigate the vanishing of a tourist. A journalist always in search of sensational stories helps him, even if the corpse wasn't find...

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Il commissario Lo Gatto Cast & Crew

Lino Banfi
as Commissario Natale Lo Gatto
Maurizio Ferrini
as Agente Gino Gridelli
Maurizio Micheli
as Vito Ragusa
Isabel Russinova
as Wilma Cerulli / Maria Papetti
Galeazzo Benti
as Barone Fricò
Renata Attivissimo
as Addolorata Patanè
Nicoletta Boris
as Annunziata Patanè
Albano Bufalini
as The Pharmacist
Roberto Della Casa
as Architetto Arcuni
Gianni Franco
as Pedretti - aka Bazooka
Marcello Furgiele
as Mario - the lifeguard
Licinia Lentini
as Mrs. Bellugi
Armando Marra
as The Barber
Valeria Milillo
as Manuela Bellugi