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Film title: Il disordine del cuore
Language: Italian
Plot: Anna Davati is a very beautiful woman of about forty years who moves from the big city where she lives to a small provincial town to answer a job advertisement published in a newspaper. She appears, therefore, at the home of Carlo Silvio, a writer of about forty-five who became blind after gaining popularity and international recognition after publishing only three books The man looks for a secretary that would take care of the library, read the books that he will require that proofread his book. But puts a condition that he considers essential.His secretary must be ugly. Anna, on the contrary, is a beautiful woman .She gets hired and with the passing of days, a rather complicated coexistence between them unfold

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Il disordine del cuore Cast & Crew

Milena Miconi
as Anna Davati
Paolo Fosso
as Carlo Silvio
Erika Blanc
as Amalia
Franco Pistoni
as Poeta
Marco Falaguasta
as Santorsi
Ami Codovini
as Monica
Janet De Nardis
as Alessandra