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Film title: Il viaggio della sposa
Language: Italian
Plot: On September 2nd, 1636, Porzia Maria Colonna leaves the Atri Convent. She has to reach her betrothed and she is escorted as the hazards are many. In fact, after a bandit assault, the survivors are only three: Porzia, a Captain and Bortolo, a groom. Later the captain too is killed. Porzia and Bortolo begin then an adventurous journey, a journey not only in a dangerous and unknown territory, but also a journey into their respective ways of thinking and conceiving life. A journey which will take them so close by, that at the end, Porzia will ask Bortolo to go with him. Bortolo will refuse, aware of the impossibility of the thing in the society of the time. The seeds of knowledge, however, spread during the long journey will bear fruits.

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Il viaggio della sposa Cast & Crew

Sergio Rubini
as Bartolo
Giovanna Mezzogiorno
as Porzia Colonna
Carlo Mucari
as Capitano Palagano
Franco Iavarone
as Antuono
Umberto Orsini
as Don Diego