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Film title: Iluzija
Language: Macedonian, Albanian
Plot: Marko has a poet's sensibilities in Veles, a town in war-torn Macedonia. His sister is a bully, his mom's a doormat, and his dad is a striking factory worker who drinks and plays bingo. At school, Marko is tormented by thuggish fellow students, led by the loutish Levi, the son of a police captain. Marko's teacher of Macedonian, a Bosnian, sees promise in Marko's writing and gives the lad hope that he can someday escape Veles. A chance friendship with a thief who's passing through town furthers Marko's education. Is hope a mirage? What sort of fatherland is Macedonia?

Iluzija  Series
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Iluzija Cast & Crew

Vlado Jovanovski
as Lazo / Marko's Father
Jordanco Cevrevski
as Neighbor
Elena Mosevska
as Angja / Marko's Mother
Slavica Manaskova
as Fanny / Marko's Sister
Mustafa Nadarevic
as Teacher
Nikola Hejko
as Chernobyl