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Film title: Impulsos
Language: Spanish
Plot: Sara, a sensitive and beautiful young woman, whose only reason to live is her inability to die. Mario, a lover who wants his brief encounter with love to last forever. Jaime, a charming serial killer, equally capable of both seduction and destruction. One morning just like any other in Madrid, two perfect strangers, Sara and Jaime, are just two more people standing on an underground platform. A man falls onto the tracks as the train pulls up. For everyone there, it?s a tragic accident. But not for Sara. Horrified, she believes she saw Jaime push the victim onto the tracks. She decides to blackmail the killer. The hunter and her prey become involved in a perverse and increasingly intimate relationship, at a distance. Despite their use of all kinds of modern methods of communication such as mobile phones, internet and web cams, the two main characters feel the sheer loneliness of life in a city with four million dwellers. This feeling of loneliness, the way in which they use each other like meaningless objects. the atmosphere and tension as the relationship develops. These elements provide the setting for this piece of film noir, giving it its own particular quality and atmosphere. In the end it is this obsession with death that brings them together in a dramatic physical encounter, which ironically gives rise to a new opportunity for life.

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Impulsos Cast & Crew

Paloma Berganza
as Jazz Group - Vocals
Michaela Brizova
as Prostituta
Daniel Freire
as Jaime
Miquel García Borda
as Boy in the bar
Christian Howes
as Himself
Horacio Icasto
as Jazz Group - Piano
Liz Lobato
as Girl in the park
Walter Moreno
as Mario
Ruth Puebla
as Girl in the bar
Ana Risueño
as Sara
Paloma Ruiz de Alda
as Chica centro comercial