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Film title: Impure Thoughts
Language: English
Plot: Four male friends are reunited after not being in contact with each other for several years. However, the meeting place is Purgatory, the afterlife state of limbo between heaven and hell. In Purgatory, these friends reflect on their pasts while they were living. They especially focus on their years in Catholic School and their coming of age. This film talks a lot about sexual issues. One of the characters is an 18-year old sent to Vietnam who dies without ever losing his virginity and there is a middle-aged, homosexual alcoholic playwright who has still has problems dealing with his

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Impure Thoughts Cast & Crew

John Putch
as Danny Stubbs
Terry Beaver
as William Miller
Brad Dourif
as Kevin Harrington
Lane Davies
as Steve Barrett
Benji Wilhoite
as Young Bill Miller
J.J. Sacha
as Young Danny Stubbs
Sam McPhaul
as Young Kevin Harrington
Jason Jones
as Young Steve Barrett
Mary Nell Santacroce
as Sister Gertrude
Mary Beth McDonough
as Sister Juliet
Sandra Dorsey
as Sister Othilda
Randi Layne
as Sister Joan of Arc
Muriel Moore
as Sister Edmunda
Carol Haynes
as Sister Scholastica
Donna Smith
as Sister Atta