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Film title: In All Innocence
Language: French
Plot: Cécile and Samira can't pay their expensive Paris rent. Walking down the street the two girls see an art gallery reception and finesse their way in. In attendance are Michel Farnèse, a very well-to-do corporate lawyer, and his wife Viviane, an artist. While Samira overdoes it at the buffet table, Cécile steals some wallets from coats at the coat check. The girls are ejected. Michel notices his wallet is missing... The girls try to rob a Chinese jeweller but there's a scuffle. Cécile escapes; Samira, a Moroccan, is arrested. Cécile needs to find a lawyer. She sees Michel's card in his wallet... Michel agrees to take the case, since Cécile comes from the same poor neighbourhood he worked his way out of. The jealous Viviane suspects her husband has another reason... Cécile's old boyfriend Vincent provides her an alibi for the robbery. His testimony gets Cécile acquitted and he wants her back. Cécile comes to Michel's office to thank him. She leaves, but forgets her sweater. Michel takes it to her himself...

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In All Innocence Cast & Crew

Gérard Lanvin
as Michel Farnese
Carole Bouquet
as Viviane Farnese
Virginie Ledoyen
as Cécile Maudet
Guillaume Canet
as Vincent Mazet
Jean-Pierre Lorit
as Antoine
Anne Le Ny
as Bordenave
Mar Sodupe
as Luisa
Anny Romand
as Le juge Menadier
Françoise Sage
as L'assistante du juge Menadier
Michel Ouimet
as Le président du tribunal
as Le bijoutier