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Film title: In a Day
Language: English
Plot: On the same morning that a creep throws coffee on her at a bus stop. Ashley runs into Michael, a man she recognizes as a regular at the sandwich shop where she works. He offers to help - dry her off, cheer her up, and after hesitation, she agrees to join him for a cup of tea. He offers to take her to lunch, asks her advice about a gift for his sister, and so on through the day, finding ways to treat her royally. By mid-afternoon he confesses that someone wants her to have the best possible day. Who is it, and why? And, when he does tell her, how will she respond?

In a Day Series
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In a Day Cast & Crew

Lorraine Pilkington
as Ashley Branstead
Finlay Robertson
as Michael
Rose Keegan
as Judith
Jake Broder
as Sammy
Nolan Hemmings
as Jasper
Jake Canuso
as Italian Waiter
Alex Harcourt-Smith
as Butter Guy
Martin Kerem
as Frank
Samuel Kindred
as The Hairdreser
Stuart Mackie
as Hair Stylist Assistant
Stuart Mansell
as Anthony
Tracy O'Flaherty
as Hostess
Anjalee Patel
as Kalka