Watch In the Electric Mist Online

Watch In the Electric Mist Online
Film title: In the Electric Mist
Rotten Tomatoes: 35%
Language: English
Plot: Detective Dave Robicheaux (Tommy Lee Jones) finds himself swimming in a murky sea of corruption, deception and lies when he probes the connection between a rash of murders and a notorious New Orleans mobster (John Goodman) -- and discovers secrets that were better left untold. With Robicheaux's family, and his life, in serious danger, can he stem the rising tide of blood and bring justice back to the bayou?

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In the Electric Mist Cast & Crew

Tommy Lee Jones
as Dave Robicheaux
John Goodman
as Julie 'Baby Feet' Balboni
Peter Sarsgaard
as Elrod Sykes
Mary Steenburgen
as Bootsie Robicheaux
Kelly Macdonald
as Kelly Drummond
Justina Machado
as Rosie Gomez
Ned Beatty
as Twinky LeMoyne
James Gammon
as Ben Hebert
Pruitt Taylor Vince
as Lou Girard
Levon Helm
as General John Bell Hood
Buddy Guy
as Sam 'Hogman' Patin
Julio Cedillo
as Cholo Manelli
Bernard Hocke
as Murphy Doucet
John Sayles
as Michael Goldman