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Film title: In the Eye of the Snake
Language: English
Plot: Marc, a young snake expert, works at a museum in Geneva. He loves snakes, to the point that he owns many and even takes a bath with his huge pet python. He meets and falls in love with a beautiful young woman named Malenka, who is the assistant--and mistress--of an older herpetologist professor. Marc discovers that not only is the "professor" a fraud but also a dangerous psychotic who had at one time seduced Marc's mother, and Marc believes that the longer Malenka stays with him, the greater danger she's

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In the Eye of the Snake Cast & Crew

Jason Cairns
as Marc Anzer
Sydney Penny
as Malika
Malcolm McDowell
as Prof. Baldwin
Lois Chiles
as Claire Anzer--Marc's Mother
Mac Skinner
as Young Marc
Howard Vernon
as Old Jean
Joseph Kumbela
as Jean-Marie
Durga McBroom
as Beatrice
Tesa Brown
as Girl
Jean Rougerie
as Museum curator
Antoine Basler
as Roger
Nicolas Wenger
as Custom officer