Watch Inception Online

Watch Inception Online
Film title: Inception
Rotten Tomatoes: 86%
Language: English
Plot: Oscar-nominated for Best Picture, this unnerving sci-fi thriller stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb, who earns a tidy sum infiltrating the dreams of corporate titans to steal their most closely held secrets. Tapped by a rich industrialist (Ken Watanabe) for a job involving a rival's heir, Cobb marshals a team of specialists that includes his right-hand man (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), an architecture student (Ellen Page) and a chemist (Dileep Rao).

Inception Cast & Crew

Ellen Page
as Ariadne
Tom Hardy
as Eames
Ken Watanabe
as Saito
Dileep Rao
as Yusuf
Cillian Murphy
as Robert Fischer
Tom Berenger
as Peter Browning
Pete Postlethwaite
as Maurice Fischer
Michael Caine
as Miles
Lukas Haas
as Nash
Tai-Li Lee
as Tadashi
Claire Geare
as Phillipa Cobb - 3 years
Magnus Nolan
as James Cobb - 20 months