Watch Innerspace Online

Watch Innerspace Online
Film title: Innerspace
Rotten Tomatoes: 60%
Language: English
Plot: A hell-raising Navy test pilot (Dennis Quaid) is miniaturized for a top-secret exploratory journey inside a laboratory rabbit -- but is instead injected into the body of a high-strung nebbish (Martin Short) who works as a supermarket clerk. Co-starring Meg Ryan, Innerspace is like The Fantastic Voyage with a laugh track. Short's twitchy physical comedy is a marvel to behold.

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Innerspace Cast & Crew

Dennis Quaid
as Lt. Tuck Pendleton
Martin Short
as Jack Putter
Meg Ryan
as Lydia Maxwell
Kevin McCarthy
as Victor Eugene Scrimshaw
Fiona Lewis
as Dr. Margaret Canker
Vernon Wells
as Mr. Igoe
Robert Picardo
as The Cowboy
Wendy Schaal
as Wendy
Harold Sylvester
as Pete Blanchard
William Schallert
as Dr. Greenbush
Henry Gibson
as Mr. Wormwood
John Hora
as Ozzie Wexler
Mark L. Taylor
as Dr. Niles
Orson Bean
as Lydia's Editor
Kevin Hooks
as Duane