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Film title: Into the Labyrinth
Language: English
Plot: 2500 years ago, on the island of Crete, there was said to have been a Labyrinth. At the center of the Labyrinth was a MONSTER. Withess love, sorrow, anger, lust as the hapless players fall victim to a master manipulator - Deadalus.

Into the Labyrinth Series
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Into the Labyrinth Cast & Crew

Jackie Burroughs
as Ariadne
Bryan Van Dusen
as Theseus
Ali Adatia
as Deadalus
Alexandra Elle
as Phaedra
Heyling Agilar
as Slave Girl
Linda Camp
as Servant
Anandan Carvalho
as Lover #1
Natalie Donnelly
as Soprano / Narration
Philip Golebiewski
as Lover #3
Anna Hadrysiak
as Widow #2
Josh Koffman
as Party Boy #2
Nina Leo
as Queen Pasiphae
Nolan Mandel
as Dancing Boy