Watch Invitation to a Suicide Online

Watch Invitation to a Suicide Online
Film title: Invitation to a Suicide
Language: English
Plot: Kaz wants to get out of Little Poland, his father's bakery and New York. California is his dream, but he doesn't want to leave without Eva, his childhood crush. To finance his dream, he tries to steal $10K from a Russian mobster who deals in snuff films. Things go poorly, the money gets incinerated, the mobster gives him a day to come up with the money or he'll kill Kaz's father. No one in little Poland has that kind of money, so Kaz decides to sell tickets to his suicide.

Invitation to a Suicide Cast & Crew

Pablo Schreiber
as Kazimierz "Kaz" Malek
Tobi Kanter
as Snuff Film Victim
Stephen Aronson
as Eva's Father
David Margulies
as Roman Malek
Joe Urla
as Ferfichkin
Edward Band
as Vlad
Stan Carp
as Officer Schmidt
Matthew Rauch
as Krysztof
Patty O'Brien
as Mourner
Alexander Robert Scott
as Manhattan Guy
Marika Dominczyk
as Manhattan Woman
Michael Orsino
as Brooklyn Kid
Brandon Reilly
as Blonde Kid