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Iolos Jewels Of Wales Series
Premiere: 2011
Network: FOX
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Table of ContentsMain InformationOpening Theme and Intro VideoMain SummaryHank's Relationship with his FriendsHank and his FamilyHistory and Future Produced By: 3 Arts Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, Deedle-Dee Productions, and Judgemental Films(Back to Top) Intro VideoComposed By: Brian Rush & Roger Meade ClynPerformed By: The Refreshments(Back to Top) Main Summary From the mind (Mike Judge) that brought you Beavis and Butt-Head, King of the Hill focuses on the daily life of a middle-class family known as the Hills. The series debuted i n January 1997 and has by far been the second-longest running animated series on FOX. King of the Hill takes place in Texas, where most characters have an uptight personality in a satirical style. The culture of the Texan characters is very accurate, all taking place in the town of Arlen. Though it has faced many criticisms for its attitude toward the "Yankees," King of the Hill remains a personal favorite worldwide. It has been syndicated on the FX network; it shares a time slot with the reruns of Married ... with Children and That '70s Show. Hank Hill is a man who is very proud of himself. He is also proud of his Texan heritage, though he begins to question it when he finds out in "Yankee Hankie," that he is indeed a Yankee. He normally likes his job at Strickland Propane, though he feels that his boss may not be the very best one around. Throughout the show, he handles problems such as sex, lies, friendship, and even murder. When he is not selling propane, he likes to mow his lawn, have a beer, watch football games, and just relax. All of this changes when he meets the Souphanousinphones, his conceited Laotian neighbor who refers to him and his family as "hillbillies." His son Bobby is in love with their daughter Connie; Hank does his best to encourage Bobby with his actions, though at many times he feels he should take the action himself. When the Hills and the Souphanousinphones are not fighting, they work together to solve a problem or evil.(Back to Top) Hank's Relationship with his Friends Bill Dauterive, Dale Gribble, and Boomhauer are Hank's closest friends. They are usually found drinking at a spot they consider to be sacred in their minds. They're usually drinking Alamo Beer, their favorite brand of beer. They proved that they just can't live without it in "Beer and Loathing," where they go as far as going to Mexico to get it. It would seem that Hank hangs out with his friends because it makes him feel smart. Bill Dauterive is a lonely divorced man who is not the brightest of the group. Dale is a man who suffers from paranoia due to theories of conspiracies. Boomhauer is a man who usually talks very quickly; so quickly it is difficult to understand what he is saying, though the guys can understand him quite well. Throughout the years, Hank has faced many problems caused by them, and this almost destroys their friendship. There are also times when Hank feels jealous of them, but in "Hank's On Board," he learns that his friendship with his friends is one of the dearest things to him; in fact, Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer just can't live without him.(Back to Top) Hank and his Family When he's not with his friends or at work, Hank likes to spend time with his family. Peggy Hill is his wife, Bobby his is his son, and Luanne Platter is his niece on Peggy's side. Hank tries to make Bobby as manly as possible, even though this is against Bobby's will. Bobby enjoys his time doing non-masculine things. This is the kind of activity that Hank is trying to remove from his life, though he tries to encourage Bobby because of Peggy's beliefs. Peggy is Hank's faithful wife; she claims that she knows Spanish, but she tends to pronounce the words the wrong way (such as espanol instead of español). She serves as a substitute teacher, though she almost lost that position when she is found hitting one of her students. When she is not at school doing substitute teacher work, she tries to do crazy things with other people; she sometimes likes to start a business, go treasure-hunting, and other things you don't do everyday. Although she enjoys having time to herself, she loves her family and makes the most of her time with them. Lastly, there is Luanne Platter. She is Hank's niece. She lives with him in the guest house, though Hank does try and get her to move out at times. She has distinct accent that none of the other characters have, but she does have a fragile heart. In one episode, "Luanne's Saga," she has cried for several minutes throughout the episode. Hank spends time with her in this episode and helps her find another guy, but he ends up wrong about his beliefs in helping her find one instead of letting her find one herself.(Back to Top) King of the Hill's History and its Future Throughout the years, King of the Hill has had a fight for the ratings against FOX's other animated series such as The Simpsons, Futurama, and Family Guy. It has been treated badly on FOX because of NFL On FOX going into overtime and preventing a lot of viewers from watching some of the new episodes. There have been rumors that the tenth season will most likely be the last one, but those rumors have been dispelled because of the high ratings the show has been receiving in the last season. The eleventh season began in 2007.(Back to Top) more less
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