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Film title: Italiensk for begyndere
Language: Danish, Italian, English
Plot: A young minister, a widower, is temporarily assigned to a church whose suspended pastor drove parishioners away; he stays at a hotel where he meets Jørgen, who's alone approaching middle age. Jørgen's friend Finn, a temperamental restaurant manager, may be about to be fired. Finn's assistant is Giulia, a lovely young Italian who prays for a husband. Olympia, a clumsy bakery clerk, has an ornery father; Karen, a hairdresser, has a mother who is very ill. The paths of these six characters cross at church, in the restaurant, at the hotel, and at an Italian class at the local adult school. Loneliness, grief, solace, romance, and love may meet 'nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita.'

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Italiensk for begyndere Cast & Crew

Peter Gantzler
as Jørgen Mortensen
Lars Kaalund
as Hal-Finn
Karen-Lise Mynster
as Kirsten, the real estate dealer
Rikke Wölck
as Lise, the nurse
Lene Tiemroth
as Karen's Mother
Claus Gerving
as Klaus Graversen
Jesper Christensen
as Olympia's Father
Merete Voldstedlund
as Andreas' mother