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Film title: Izobrazhaya zhertvu
Language: Russian
Plot: PLAYING THE VICTIM is a dark comedy made as a modern-day adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Valya, a young student is earning money by representing victims of the crimes during various police investigation. After the criminal has been seized a special group headed by a police captain has to reconstruct the crime scene. The process itself is quite comic and senseless: the criminals are defined already, and everyone knows, that they will be prosecuted. However the regulations still require a special team to imitate the crime once again in the same surroundings. The criminal should fictionally kill the victim (represented by Valya) one more time to confirm their guilt. Valya is drowning in his absurd life going from one terrible crime scene to another. Suddenly he has a vision: his deceased father comes to him in his sleep and tells the scary truth- he was poisoned by his own wife and her lover, who is now Valya's uncle... After this, the whole system of values of Valya's world collapses. He will become himself the criminal who will have to confess while somebody else represents his victims.

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Izobrazhaya zhertvu Cast & Crew

Yuri Chursin
as Valya
Vitaliy Khaev
as Captain
Marat Basharov
as Karas'
Olga Demidova
as Woman cafe worker
Marina Golub
as Valya's mother
Fyodor Dobronravov
as Valya's father / Uncle Petia
Andrey Fomin
as Sysoev
Natalya Mokritskaya
as Woman working in swimming pool
Igor Gasparyan
as Zakirov
Maksim Konovalov
as Verkhushkin
Aleksey Marchenko
as Manager of Japanese restaurant
Liya Akhedzhakova
as Waitress in Japanese restaurant