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Film title: J'enrage de son absence
Language: French
Plot: Touched to the depths of his being by the death of his child in a car accident nine years earlier, Jacques has lost his bearings. For this loss is all the more difficult to stand as Jacques was driving the car in which his son was killed. His relationship did not survive the tragedy and Jacques left, traveling far from the place where his and his wife's happiness was shattered. Now Jacques is back in France for the funeral of his father. In the meantime his wife has started a new life and has a new child.

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J'enrage de son absence Cast & Crew

William Hurt
as Jacques
Augustin Legrand
as Stéphane
Françoise Oriane
as Geneviève
Norbert Rutili
as Le notaire
Matteo Trevisan
as Félix
Serge Hutry
as Le commissaire priseur
Colette Kieffer
as La secrétaire
Véronique Fauconnet
as La serveuse
Jean-François Wolff
as Le chauffeur
Gilles Soeder
as Le chauffeur 2
David Bonnaire
as L'habitant
Jérôme Varanfrain
as Employé location de voitures
Laura De Lagillardaie
as Artiste du cirque