J. Christian Ingvordsen Biography

Birthday: 1957-07-04
Place of Birth: Copenhagen, Denmark
Height: 6' (1.83 m)
Wiki Biography: Since 1982 Chris has written, produced and directed eighteen feature films. He has also served as producer on two additional feature films. All of theses films were independently financed and have been released domestically and internationaly through theatrical, cable and home video. These films have played on HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and USA and have been distributed on home video by Universal, Columbia/RCA, Vestron, A-Pix and Vidmark. Chris' productions have starred such notable performers as Robert Mitchum, Shelly Winters, Telly Savalas and Kathy Ireland. As a director, Chris has worked with Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Danny Aiello, Martin Kove, Dan Haggerty, Lance Henriksen and Robert Davi among others. Currently Chris is completing the AIRBOSS trilogy of jet combat films starring Frank Zagarino and former Navy SEAL Kayle Watson. The AIRBOSS films feature state of the art digital and miniature effects as well as unprecedented access to United States military hardware.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Covert Action Frank White 1988 Action
Search and Destroy Bone Conn 1988 Action
Blue Vengeance Mickey McCardle 1989 Action, Crime, Horror
Hangmen Bone Conn 1989 Action, Thriller, Adventure
Shocktroop Frank White 1990 Action, Adventure
Comrades in Arms Frank White 1992 Action, Adventure
The Outfit Bone Conn 1993 Crime, Action, Thriller
Backfire! Tom Tobias 1995 Comedy
Cyber Vengeance Heinz Dietrich 1995 Action, Thriller
The Little Patriot Samuel Todd 1995 Family, Adventure
Airboss Webb Buckley 1997 Action, Adventure
Airboss II: Preemptive Strike James Kelly 1998 Action, Adventure
Airboss III: The Payback Webb Buckley 2000 Action, Adventure
Airboss IV: The X Factor Webb Buckley 2000 Action, Adventure
The Bog Creatures Lord Voldhein 2003 Horror
Absolute Aggression Heinz Dietrich 2004 Action, Thriller
Tarpit Devon Green 2015 Action, Crime, Drama