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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Oz Vern Schillinger Crime
Spider-Man J. Jonah Jameson 1994 - 1998 Action
The Gift 2000 Crime
Off the Map 2003 Drama
The D.A. Dep. Dist. Atty. Joe Carter 2004 - 2004
The Closer Assistant Chief Will Pope 2005 Crime
Ticket to Ride Roy Davies 2010 Family
Generator Rex White Knight 2010 Animation
Desert Car Kings Narrator 2011 Reality Tv
Family Tools Tony 2013
Groundbreaking Comedy Dr. Lerner 2013 Comedy
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Oz Vern Schillinger 1976 0, 0
Extreme Measures 1996 Crime, Drama, Mystery
Love Walked In Mr. Shulman 1997 0
The Jackal FBI Agent T. I. Witherspoon 1997 Action, Adventure, Crime
The Jackals FBI Agent T. I. Witherspoon 1997 Action, Adventure, Crime
Above Freezing Hoyd 1998 Drama
Crossing Fields Guy 1998
Hit and Runway Ray Tilman 1999 Comedy, Drama, Romance
For Love of the Game Frank Perry 1999 Drama, Romance, Sport
Autumn in New York 2000 0
The Gift 2000 Game Show, Reality Tv
The Cider House Rules 2000 Drama, Romance
The Mexican 2001 Comedy, Crime, Romance
The Ladykillers Garth Pancake 2004 Comedy, Game Show
Spider-Man 2 J. Jonah Jameson 2004 0
Hidalgo Buffalo Bill Cody 2004 Action, Adventure, Drama
Harsh Times 2005 Game Show, 0, Comedy
Thank You for Smoking BR 2006 Comedy, Drama
Rendition Lee Mayer 2007 0
Postal 2007 0, 0
The Astronaut Farmer 2007 Adventure, Drama
First Snow 2007 Drama, Thriller
Off the map 2007 Drama, Romance
Juno Mac MacGuff 2007 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Burn After Reading CIA Superior 2008 0, 0
The Vicious Kind Donald Sinclaire 2009
Extract 2009 0, Biography
The Way of War Sergeant Mitchell 2009 0
I Love You, Man Oswald Klaven 2009 Comedy, Romance
Post Grad 2009 Comedy, Romance
Up in the Air Bob 2010 0, Biography
Megamind Warden 2010 Drama, 0, 0, 0
An Invisible Sign Mr. Jones 2011
The Music Never Stopped Henry Sawyer 2011
A Beginner's Guide to Endings Uncle Pal 2011 Comedy, Drama
The Words Mr. Jansen 2012 0, Game Show
Jobs Arthur Rock 2013 0
Dark Skies Edwin Pollard 2013 Horror, Thriller
3 Geezers! J Kimball 2013 Comedy
Untitled Marc Lawrence/Hugh Grant Comedy Dr. Lerner 2014 Comedy, Romance
Barefoot Dr. Bertleman 2014 0, 0
The Boxcar Children Dr. Moore 2014 Animation
Murder of a Cat Sheriff Hoyle 2014 Comedy, Thriller
Adventure Planet President of Capitol State 2014 Animation
Ava & Lala General Tiger 2014 Animation
Worlds Apart Sebastian 2015 Drama, Romance
The Runaround Megan's Dad 2016 Comedy