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Film title: JOB's Daughter
Language: English
Plot: A small town meets it's darkest hour when a troubled teenager seeks revenge after being bullied countless of times. The teenager walks into a grocery store packed with assault rifles and hand guns; firing and killing everyone in sight. Innocent people from children, parents, grandparents, all lying on the floor bleeding, fighting for their last breath because of a bullet that hit them . The film follows different families who lost a loved one on that horrific day, as they try to overcome what has happened to them. How long does it take to recover from unforeseeable loss which wasn't supposed to happen? They say that "Time heals all wounds".. In this case, time doesn't help. A series of investigations is held by the town sheriff and the FBI try to figure out who is to blame for all of this...because, maybe, pointing the finger at someone could help manage the pain. A film about losing someone, losing hope, losing faith, all because of a gun.

JOB's Daughter Series
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JOB's Daughter Cast & Crew

Emilio Roso
as Sebastian Lopez
Doris Roberts
as Ruth Morrison
Thaao Penghlis
as Father Nicolas
Grainger Hines
as Sheriff Conolly
Michael Yavnielli
as Jeff Jones
Tia Barr
as Vivian Rose
Jack Betts
as Sam Morrison
Katarina Fabic
as Gloria Coleman
Ryan Gangl
as Deputy Red
Abbie Roberts
as Megan Morrison
Tania Gonzalez
as Karen Jones
Crash Benzie
as Johnny Coleman
Maria Elena Infantino
as Dr, Ellen Greene
Karen Jones
as Jackie Jones