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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Teech Adrian Peterman 1991 - 1991
Dead at 21 1994 Sci Fi
Exposed Anthony 2006
Giant Killing Bobby Kennedy 2010
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Sterling Chase 0000
Alive 1993 Action, Adventure, Drama
The Brady Bunch Movie Eric Dittmeyer 1995
Mojave Moon 1996
Event Horizon 1997 Game Show, Reality Tv, Sport
Breakdown Billy 1997 Action, Crime, Drama
Idle Hands Randy 1999 Comedy, Horror, Thriller
U-571 2000 0, 0, Game Show
Cecil B. Demented 2000 Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Undercover Brother 2002 Action, Comedy
Unconditional Love 2002 Drama, Comedy, Musical
Poster Boy Anthony 2004
Phat Girlz Richard 'Dick' Eckhard 2006 Comedy
Pretty Ugly People Trevor 2008 Comedy
Clean and Narrow Buddy 2008 Drama
Surrogates 2009 Sport, Game Show
Julia Dr. Sgundud 2014 Horror, Thriller
Pearly Gates Dan 2015
The Nurse Brian 2015 Thriller
Needlestick Boris 2017 Reality Tv