James Mason Biography

Birthday: 1909-05-15
Place of Birth: Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Height: 5' 11½" (1.82 m)
Wiki Biography: Great English actor of British and American films. Born in Yorkshire, attended Marlborough and Cambridge, where he discovered acting on a lark and abandoned a planned career as an architect. Following work in stock companies, he joined the Old Vic under the guidance of Sir Tyrone Guthrie and of Alexander Korda, who gave Mason at least one small film role in 1933, but fired him a few days into shooting. Mason remained in the theatre becoming a prominent stage actor, meanwhile getting first small, then rapidly larger roles in "quota quickies", minor films made to accommodate laws mandating a certain percentage of films shown in Britain to be British-made. Mason's talent for playing protagonists of a decidedly hard-bitten or melancholy stripe brought him from these minor films to a position as one of Britain's major film stars of the Forties. When, late in that decade, he came to America, he played somewhat more glamorous or heroic roles than he had been accustomed to in Britain, but he remained a dynamic and intelligent force on the screen. His tendency to take any job offered led him to have many unworthy credits on his resume but, throughout his career, he remained a respected and powerful figure in the industry. His mellifluous voice and an uncanny ability to suggest rampant emotion beneath a face of absolute calm made him a fascinating performer to watch. He died of a heart attack in 1984 at his home in Switzerland.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars Himself - Host / ... 1951 - 1959
The Verdict Ed Concannon 1982 Drama
Verdict Ed Concannon 1982 Drama
Odd Man Out 1999 - 2000 Crime
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Fire Over England 1937 Adventure, History, Romance
The Man in Grey Marquis of Rohan 1943
The Bells Go Down 1943 0
A Place of One's Own Mr. Smedhurst 1945
The Seventh Veil 1946 Drama, Music
Odd Man Out 1947 Crime, Drama
The Reckless Moment Martin Donnelly 1949 Drama
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman Hendrik van der Zee 1951 Biography, 0, 0
The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel Field Marshal Erwin Johannes Rommel 1951 Action, Drama
5 Fingers 1952 Drama, Thriller
The Desert Rats Field Marshal Erwin von Rommel 1953 0, 0
The Story of Three Loves 1953 Drama, Music, Romance
The Tell-Tale Heart 1953 Animation, Crime
A Star Is Born Norman Maine 1954 0, Biography
20000 Leagues Under the Sea Captain Nemo 1954 Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Forever, Darling 1956 Fantasy, Comedy
Island in the Sun 1957 Drama, Romance
North by Northwest Phillip Vandamm 1959 Game Show, 0
The Trials of Oscar Wilde Sir Edward Carson 1960
Lolita Prof. Humbert Humbert 1962 0
Tiara Tahiti 1962 Drama, Comedy
The Fall of the Roman Empire Timonides 1964 Drama, History
The Pumpkin Eater 1964 Drama
Lord Jim Gentleman Brown 1965 0
The Deadly Affair Charles Dobbs 1966
The Blue Max 1966 Romance, 0
Georgy Girl James Leamington 1966 Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Sea Gull Trigorin, a writer 1968 Biography
Age of Consent 1969 0, 0
The Last of Sheila 1973 Crime, Drama, Mystery
The Mackintosh Man 1973 Thriller
Frankenstein: The True Story Dr. John Polidori 1973 Horror, Sci Fi
11 Harrowhouse 1974 Comedy, Crime
Autobiography of a Princess 1975
Mandingo Maxwell 1975
Cross of Iron 1977 Action, Drama
The Water Babies 1978
Heaven Can Wait Mr. Jordan 1978 Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
The Boys from Brazil 1978 Drama, Sci Fi, Thriller
Murder by Decree Dr. John H. Watson 1979 Crime, Drama, Horror
Bloodline Sir Alec Nichols 1979
Salem's Lot Richard Straker 1979
Evil Under the Sun Odell Gardener 1982 0, Game Show
The Verdict Ed Concannon 1982 Drama
Yellowbeard 1983 0
The Shooting Party 1985
The Assisi Underground Bishop Nicolini 1985 Drama, History
'Salem's Lot Richard Straker 2004
Dark Night of the Pumpkinman 2 Thug #2 2012 Horror
Newman Leroy 2014 Romance
William Kelly's War Constable Jones 2014 Romance, 0
Killervision Darren 2014 Drama, Thriller
3:33 a.m. Bob Buegere 2015 Thriller