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Wiki Biography: In his celebrated autobiography, "We Will Always Live In Beverly Hills", Ned uniquely chronicles what it was like growing up in the glory days of Hollywood. It details, humorously and candidly, the enormous amount of celebrity contact he's had, and the sometimes sad but more often funny experiences he's had being among the elite of Hollywood. Being the son and grandson of two accomplished actors as well as the stepson of actor Van Johnson, has led him through some very interesting lessons in life including being a background actor on several "Beach Blanket Bingo" films of the sixties and a number of other films and TV shows (his performance in the remake of "Stagecoach" clearly shows why he became a screenwriter and author) and his featured role in the movie, California Dreaming (1979), which he also wrote, was further proof, according to Ned, that he should stick to writing. He is the older of two sons of Keenan Wynn and Eve Lynn Kimmel, the other son being Tracy Keenan Wynn. He has become an accomplished screenwriter and, in 1990, wrote his extraordinary autobiography which describes his jaunty, sad, hilarious and heartwarming path to his eventual career as author.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Chisholms 1979
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Hot Lead and Cold Feet 1978 Family, Action
California Dreaming 1979
Roller Boogie Hoppy 1979 Drama, Music, Romance
Lunch Wagon 1981
The Underachievers Todd 1988 Comedy
Hyper Space Raymond Scully 1989 Thriller
Twisted Justice Kelsey 1990 Action, Crime, Drama
The Killing Jar Dick Kelly 1994 Thriller
I Might Even Love You Dexter 1998 Action, Drama
Freedom Strike Tactical Action Officer 1998 Drama, Action
Quiet Kill Detective Jackson 2004 Crime, Thriller
Saw 3D: The Final Chapter Dr. Heffner 2010 Crime, Horror
A Thousand Cuts Mark 2012 Thriller
Fastbreak Wilt Chamberlain Parker 2013 Drama