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Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)
Wiki Biography: Simone-Elise Girard personifies perseverance and determination. She is a born artist and performer. Simone-Elise started singing and dancing as a toddler. Her parents put her in ballet class at the age of 5. When she was 9, she started learning piano. Growing up in the suburbs of Montreal, she won ballet scholarships every summer to study at "Les Grand Ballets Canadiens". At the age of 12 she enrolled in the Elite Professional Ballet High School program at the same Ballet Company in Montreal. The tough discipline of ballet restricted Simone-Elise's free spirit and almost destroyed her love of performing and dancing. She decided to quit ballet. Those were emotionally tough times, she didn't know where to stand career wise, and something was missing. Her parents suggested that she continue her schooling until she found what she was looking for. She studied in the English language at Concordia University in the Liberal Arts program, majoring in Philosophy. At 20, she decided to go see Europe, seeking her cultural origin. She returned from Europe with her mind set. Her long standing love of films and musicals made it clear she would become an actor. She started studying acting, and after one year she landed her first agent in Montreal. In 1991 she had a small role as a degenerated Scanner in "Scanners II: The New Order", directed by Emmy Award Nominee Christian Duguay. Six months later, she was chosen for her first important dramatic role, as a very convincing homeless teen mom in "Scoop", directed by Georges Mihalka; written by Fabienne Larouche and Rejean Tremblay. On set she had a revelation, and realized the set is where she belonged. At the same time she thought her craft needed work. She went back to Paris to study at "Les Ateliers Claude Viriot". Working on French classic and contemporary plays she discovered inner depth, gained technique, and learned tools to use as a performer. Returning to Montreal she landed many TV Guest Star appearances on award winning series. A few of her various roles, between 1994 and 2001, were: a compassionate nurse named Louise in the CBS/CBC co-production, (and 4 time Gemini Award Winner) "Million Dollar Babie" directed by Christian Duguay, starring Beau Bridges and Roy Dupuis. A fantasy mermaid, called Angelica in the Emmy Award nominated series "The Hunger", produced by Scott Free Productions. A Russian spy named Svetlana in the international series "Largo Winch". A young French-Canadian prostitute named Marie, traveling to Saskatchewan in the 1800's, in the Award winning epic series "Revenge of the Land", directed b y John N. Smith, starring Kenneth Welsh. In 1994 she took a year off for on Maternity leave. After studying the Actor's Studio's way for 5 years, Simone-Elise landed more roles and expanded her potential and possibilities. A highlight was acting alongside Benjamin Bratt and Armand Assante, in her first U.S Production as a lead actor, in "After the Storm", based on the Ernest Hemingway's short story, directed by Emmy award winner Guy Ferland. She played the role of Janine, a jealous, manipulative and unhappy Parisian wife. The film was awarded, Grand jury Prize at the New-York International Film and Video Festival in 2000. Since that time, she has portrayed forty different roles in French and English, across Canada and the United States. She portrayed a grieving sister in "Sunk", nominated for best short at Les Jutra Awards in 2000, directed by acclaimed Quebec director Yves-Christian Fournier. Simone-Elise worked with multiple-award winner Billy Ray on his feature film, "Shattered Glass", produced by Cruise-Wagner productions. She played opposite Golden Globe Nominee Peter Sasgaard as his wife, Caterina Bannier, alongside Haydn Christensen. At the same time she was shooting on the Gemaux nominated series Music Hall; Her character Josee was the lead dancer of the cabaret. Her role was demanding as an actor and a dancer, as she had to retrain her body for all thirteen dance numbers. "Music Hall" was directed by award winner Alain Desrochers ; written and produced by Fabienne Larouche. In 2003 John Wells Productions decided to audition for roles in Montreal to complete the cast of two special episodes of Emmy award-winning series "ER", (Kisangani 9.22 and The Lost 10.22). They were directed by Emmy Winner, Christopher Chulack and they were set in the Congo. After an exhaustive search in the United States, they went north and found Simone-Elise Girard, who became the Guest Lead of their episodes as Gillian Ronin , a tough, outspoken, French-Canadian nurse, working with "Doctors Without Borders" Simone acted opposite Noah Wyle and Goran Vijsnic. She had a multitude of scenes and portrayed her character so truthfully that multiple-award winning producer John Wells decided to include her in four more episodes. During 2003 and 2004, Ms Girard lived and worked between Montreal and Los Angeles. Then she landed a sensitive role as a porn actress who caught the HIV virus by a co-actor in the two-time 2005 Atlantic Canadian Award Winner, "3 Needles", directed by Tom Fitzgerald ; starring Shawn Ashmore, Clhoe Sevigny, Stockard Channing, Lucy Liu and Olympia Dukakis. She discovered her comedic, abilities in different award-winning TV series such as : the sexy and very willing Veronica Czerny, in the Gemini and WGC Award Winner Naked Josh ; an exotic dancer, drug addict girlfriend of an ex con biker, Ninon, in the critically acclaimed award winning Series "Vice Cache" a Parisian porn film producer in the Gemini nominated Comedy IFC Series "The Business", created and directed by Phil Price. In 2007 and 2008, she shot in Winnipeg and Calgary in two short dramatic comedies, in leading roles : Colette, a neurotic mother in "Ben Voyons, Camille!", Winner of the 2009 Film Eye Festival of Toronto, directed by Carole Ducharme; and in the role of Marie-Claire, a overly educated feminist, in "In Translation" by Corey Lee, winner of the 2008 Best Alberta Short Film at the Edmonton International Prize Film Festival. When David Fincher came to finish the Warner Bros/Paramount , Oscar-winning mega-production of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" in Montreal, he chose Ms Girard to portray the 1950's Parisian woman, in a cameo appearance (which took 5 days to shoot) alongside Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt. In 2009 her dancing came in handy one more time, when she was cast as Casse-Noisette, a ballerina with the strength and power of a wrestler. Her role demanded dancing skills, burlesque acting and being able to deal with ten stunt women attacking her. The French/Belgium/Canadian co-production "Oscar and the Lady in Pink", written and directed by multiple Award Winning Playwrighter, Author, Director, Eric-Emmanuelle Schmitt and Canadian producer by Oscar Winner, Denise Robert. Lately she appears in a French comedy, Fatal, directed by Michael Young in which he also stars. Simone-Elise will appear in 2011 as Claire, an addict and psychologically troubled mother, in the feature film "Die, an American/Italian/Canadian co-production, directed by Dominic Laurence James, alongside Elias Koteas and John Piper Ferguson ; and in the short fantasy-drama "Le poids du vide", as a mother dealing with her young son who suffers from weightlessness. Simone-Elise loves challenges and immerses herself into very different roles. For her, it's like discovering all the possibilities she has inside her. Her favorite quote her father use to tell her was: Rewarded are those who have passed on their talents. She lives by it and is always pursuing her career having the knowledge that anything can happen, if you stick to it.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
American Dreams Luke Foley 2002 - 2005 Drama
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Rave Macbeth Troy 2001 Crime, Thriller, Drama
Shattered Glass 2003 0
When Nietzsche Wept Sigmund Freud 2007 0
Waking Dreams Colin 2007 Comedy
California Dreamin' Sergeant David McLaren - the second in command, attracted to Monica 2009 Comedy, Drama
The Scientist David Williams 2010 Drama
The Chicago 8 John Froines 2012
Random Encounters Zack steiner 2013 0