Jay C. Flippen Biography

Place of Birth: Little Rock, Arkansas
Height: 6' (1.83 m)
Wiki Biography: Jay C. Flippen could probably be characterized these days as one of those distinctive faces you know but whose name escapes you while viewing old 50s and 60s movies and TV. His distinctive bulldog mug, beetle brows, bulky features, and silver-white hair were ideally suited for roles as criminals and rugged adventurers, while his background in vaudeville and minstrel shows helped him obtain roles in occasional fluffy slapstick and light musical comedy. Flippen was already a veteran performer on radio and the Broadway stage by the time he focused on film. He could be counted on to provide his patented gruff and bluster in many a action film whether playing a sheriff, prison warden, military high-ranker, bartender, or farmer. Moreover, his characters supported James Stewart in several of his standard vehicles, including Winchester '73 (1950), Bend of the River (1952), Thunder Bay (1953), The Far Country (1954), Strategic Air Command (1955), The Restless Breed (1957), Night Passage (1957), and Firecreek (1968). Dogged by illness but determined in later years, he continued his career in a wheelchair following a leg amputation. He was married for 25 years to screenwriter Ruth Brooks Flippen, whose work included a couple of Gidget movies. He died at age 72 of an aneurysm; which is a rupture of a swollen artery.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Ensign O'Toole Chief Petty Officer Homer Nelson / ... 1962 Comedy
Clean Break Marvin Unger 2012 Action
The Killing Marvin Unger 2013 Crime
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Brute Force 1947 Crime, Drama
They Live by Night T-Dub 1949 Crime, Romance
Flying Leathernecks 1951 0, 0
The Lemon Drop Kid 1951 Comedy, Music, Romance
Bend of the River 1952 Fantasy
The Wild One 1953
Thunder Bay 1953 Adventure, Drama
The Far Country 1954 0, Biography, Fantasy
Carnival Story) 1954 Drama
Strategic Air Command 1955 Action, Drama
The Killing Marvin Unger 1956 Comedy, 0, 0
Oklahoma! Skidmore 1956 Musical, Romance
Oklahoma Skidmore 1956 Musical, Romance
The King and Four Queens 1956 Adventure, Comedy, Mystery
Hot Summer Night 1957
Night Passage 1957
Run of the Arrow Walking Coyote 1957
Jet Pilot Maj.Gen.Black 1957
Wild River Hamilton Garth 1960
Cat Ballou 1965 Comedy, Musical
Fame Is the Name of the Game 1966 Drama
Firecreek 1968
Hellfighters 1968 Action, Adventure, Romance
The Seven Minutes 1971 Drama