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Birthday: 1955-07-29
Place of Birth: Thouars, Deux-Sèvres
Wiki Biography: Sensual, ambiguous, ultra sensitive French performer Jean-Hugues Anglade always had a reputation of intense and passionate actor. Any role, any language, Anglade seems to be able to do anything. From appearing integrally naked alongside Beatrice Dalle in "37.2 degrees in the morning", to playing an homosexual role in "The wounded man", from portraying the king of France in "Queen Margot", to playing a Canadian cop alongside Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke in "Taking lives", from playing Anne Parillaud's lover in "Nikita", to showing the 40-years-old-men crisis. Now Anglade is an established actor, a respected artist and man, who can come over the drama of his childhood.

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Jean-Hugues Anglade Jean-Hugues Anglade Jean-Hugues Anglade Jean-Hugues Anglade Jean-Hugues Anglade Jean-Hugues Anglade


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Big Easy Justice Eddy Caplan 2012 Reality Tv
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Dangerous Moves Miller, l'équipe de Fromm 1985 Drama, Thriller
Subway 1985 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Les loups entre eux Richard Avakian 1985 Action, Crime, Drama
Betty Blue Zorg 1986 Drama, Romance
Maladie d'amour Clément Potrel 1987 Drama, Romance
Nocturne indien Rossignol / Xavier 1989 Drama
Nuit d'été en ville Louis 1990 Romance
Gawin Nicolas / Gawin 1991 Drama
Killing Zoe Eric 1993 Comedy, 0, Game Show
Jona che visse nella balena The Father 1993
Especially on Sunday Motociclista degli uccellini 1993 Drama
Les marmottes Stéphane 1993 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Queen Margot Charles IX 1994 0
Dis-moi oui... Stéphane 1995 Comedy, Romance
Maximum Risk 1996 0, Game Show
Les menteurs Zac 1996 Drama, Romance
Elective Affinities Edoardo 1996 Comedy, Drama, Romance
Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud Vincent Granec 1996 Drama
Tonka Le sprinter 1997 Comedy, Drama
En face Jean 2000 Thriller
Le prof Alexandre 2000 Comedy
Princesses Simon 2000 Drama
Mortel transfert Michel Durand 2001 Comedy, Thriller, Crime
Innocents Gerard Huxley 2002 Thriller
Il più bel giorno della mia vita Davide 2002 Drama
Sueurs Harvey 2002 Action, Adventure, Crime
Laisse tes mains sur mes hanches Jérôme 2003 Comedy, Romance
Il est plus facile pour un chameau... Pierre 2003 Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Taking Lives Duval 2004 Comedy, Game Show
L'anniversaire Alberto 2005 Comedy
Fata Morgana Der Fremde 2007 Adventure, Drama, Thriller
La face cachée Xavier 2007 Comedy, Drama
Shake Hands with the Devil 2007 Drama, History
Thy Neighbor Jean-Paul 2009 Drama
Villa Amalia Georges 2009 Drama
Persécution Le fou 2009 Drama
Dans ton sommeil Le mari de Sarah 2010 Horror, Thriller
Le marquis Jo 2011 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Mineurs 27 Capitaine Descharnes 2011 Thriller
The Ninth Cloud Jonny 2013 Drama
Amitiés sincères Paul 2013 Comedy
L'autre vie de Richard Kemp Richard Kemp 2013 Crime, Fantasy, Thriller
Cafard Victor 2015 Animation, Drama