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Film title: Jeff Steele: Children of the Doomed
Language: English
Plot: Set on the mythical planet of Kaia, Secret Agent Jeff Steele (Jeff Dodge) returns from a dangerous mission only to find a sinister force at work throughout the city of Buckbean. Under the command of Edwin Stark (Steven Cebula), the two agents begin an investigation into the youth movement of the Avedonian citizenry. A mysterious appearance by the renowned author, Dr. David Vox (John Killeen) causes the Agency to fear corruption within its' own, young ranks. While Steele spies on Vox, he meets an estranged wife named Deliyeh (Cameron Kay) who fears her husband has been lost to this weird following. As the two team up to find her husband, Ralph (John Mason), they discover that Dr. Vox and his young followers are amassing in the Great Deserts of the Noynian Basin to meet their new-found, enigmatic, spiritual-leader; the Maker (Alistair Duff). Can Jeff Steele and Deliyeh prevent the Maker from enacting his deranged vision of "Revolutionary Humanicide"?

Jeff Steele: Children of the Doomed Series
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Jeff Steele: Children of the Doomed Cast & Crew

Steven Cebula
as Commander Edwin Stark
Alistair A. Duff
as The Maker / Tarsus
Jemila Hart
as Old Hag
Maria Hiestand
as Farrah Josephine
Cameron Kay
as Deliyeh Reynolds
John Killeen
as Dr. David Vox
Jordana Leeb
as Old Hag #2
John Mason
as Ralph Reynolds
Dennis Moist
as Xom Vrudakov
Jeff S. Dodge
as Agent Jeff Steele