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Birthday: 1984-11-21
Place of Birth: Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)
Wiki Biography: Jena Malone is an up-and-coming actress who has numerous accomplishments despite her young years. She is growing into being a substantial presence in the movie industry. Beginning as a child actress, and now stepping up to roles as a young adult, Malone's career path has been compared to that of Jodie Foster, herself a former child actress and who has co-starred with Malone in two movies. Jena is often described as having a maturity beyond her years and, in her career thus far, she has often tackled roles that are difficult and are not standard fare for actors her age. Malone's first claim to fame was in performing the title role in Bastard Out of Carolina (1996) for which she won the Young Artist Award, and which she filmed when she was merely ten years old. This movie dealt with issues of child abuse, violence and sex. Jena has said in later interviews that this movie and her participation in it continue to influence her life substantially. Showing self-assurance and a clear vision of personal goals from an early age, Jena, at age 14, was encouraged to try out for Air Force One (1997), a movie that was virtually guaranteed to be a success since box-office king Harrison Ford was cast in the lead, but Jena said she'd prefer to seek other roles that were of more interest to her. In the following years, Malone appeared in several made-for-TV movies for which she won or was nominated for many awards. In 1997, she lucked in to being cast in the blockbuster Contact (1997) where she portrayed the child version of Jodie Foster's lead character. Foster stated that she built her character by mimicking Jena. And, in 1998, Jena was cast in the major film Stepmom (1998) where she co-starred with Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon and Ed Harris. Jena was given what was likely the best line in that movie where her character, bitter over her parents' divorce, confronts her father who has returned home briefly; at a moment of crisis, her dad tells her "You do NOT run out on your mother", and the rueful Malone exclaims "No -- that's YOUR job". Also, in 1998, Malone appeared in a two-part episode of the critically acclaimed TV series "Homicide: Life on the Street" (1993). Contrary to what might usually be expected of a teenage actress, in this episode, Jena played the complex role of the perpetrator of a crime, which she portrayed with subtlety. At age 15, Jena was legally emancipated and thus took direct control of her finances and her career. Malone began getting more attention and acclaim in her next set of films: the artistic cult film Donnie Darko (2001); the teenage journey The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (2002) where she again co-starred with Jodie Foster; and the satirical Saved! (2004) which debuted Jena as the lead in a movie. Jena has expressed an interest in directing some day, and so she is preparing for roles behind the camera as well as in front. In 2002, she co-produced American Girl (2002) while also starring in it. And, in 2003, she undertook a formal study of photography. In early 2006, Malone debuted on the Broadway stage in the play "Doubt". A review by characterized her performance as "astonishing". Many people in Hollywood have jobs as actors. Watch for Jena Malone. She is an artist.

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Jena Malone Jena Malone Jena Malone Jena Malone Jena Malone Jena Malone


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Saved Mary 2004 Comedy
Pride and Prejudice Lydia Bennet 2005 Drama
Stadsdokter, De Becky Pollard 2011 Drama
Hatfields And Mccoys Nancy McCoy 2012 Drama
Lado a Lado Anna Harrison 2012
Best Parks Ever Nancy McCoy 2012 Documentary
Hidden in America Willa 2013
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Cheaters Jolie Fitch 1945
Hidden in America 1996 Drama
Bastard Out of Carolina 1996 Drama
Contact Young Ellie 1997 Drama, Mystery, Sci Fi
Stepmom Anna Harrison 1998 0, Biography
The Book of Stars Mary McGuire 1999 Drama
For Love of the Game Heather Aubrey 1999 Drama, Romance, Sport
Cheaters Jolie Fitch 2000
Life as a House Alyssa Beck 2001 Drama, Romance
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys Margie Flynn 2002 0
American Girl Rena Grubb 2002 Comedy, Crime, Drama
Hitler: The Rise of Evil Geli Raubal 2003 Drama, History
Saved! Mary 2004 0
The United States of Leland Becky Pollard 2005 Crime, Drama, Romance
The Ballad of Jack and Rose Red Berry 2005 Drama
Container 2006 Drama
Into the Wild Carine McCandless 2007 Adventure, Drama
Four Last Songs Frankie 2007 Comedy, Drama, Music
The Go-Getter 2008
The Ruins Amy 2008 Horror, Thriller
Sucker Punch Rocket 2011
In Our Nature Andie 2012 Drama
For Ellen Susan 2012 Drama
10 Cent Pistol Danneel 2013 Crime, Thriller
Lonely Hunter Carson McCullers 2013 Drama
The Wait Angela 2013 0
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Johanna Mason 2013 Action, Adventure
Time Out of Mind Maggie 2014 Drama
Inherent Vice Hope Harlingen 2014 Crime
The Messenger Kelly 2015 Game Show, 0
Angelica Constance 2015 Thriller
Lovesong Mindy 2016 Drama