Jim Backus Biography

Birthday: 1913-02-25
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio
Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
Wiki Biography: Jim Backus was one of the few actors to do it all: radio, Broadway, movies, television and cartoons. After attending prep school in his native Cleveland, Backus enrolled at the American Academy of Dramatic Art, to ply his trade. While waiting for parts, he did radio and became friends with such future notables as Garson Kanin and Keenan Wynn. Backus stuck it out and soon was doing motion pictures in addition to radio. He was typecast in roles as "rich types" but broke the mold when he portrayed James Dean's father in the classic Rebel Without a Cause (1955). With his career in full swing, Backus also tackled two roles that he would be best known for, Mr. Magoo in cartoons and Thurston Howell III, in "Gilligan's Island" (1964). After the show's run ended, he continued doing guest spots on television and movies, before passing away on July 3, 1989.

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Jim Backus Jim Backus Jim Backus Jim Backus Jim Backus Jim Backus


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Hollywood House 1949
I Married Joan 1952 Comedy
The Jim Backus Show 1960 - 1961
The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo Mr. Magoo 1964 Animation
Gilligan's Island Thurston Howell III 1964 - 1965 Comedy
Blondie (1968) Mr. Dithers 1968 - 1969
Storybook Squares Mr. Magoo 1969 Family
The Mouse Factory 1971 Animation
The New Adventures of Gilligan Thurston Howell III 1974 Animation
What's New, Mr. Magoo? Mr. Magoo 1977 Animation
Gilligan's Planet Thurston Howell III 1982 Animation
The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show Smoky the Genie 1986 Animation
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Father was a Fullback 1949 Comedy, Sport
His Kind of Woman 1951 Comedy, Crime
Androcles and the Lion Centurion 1953 Comedy
Deep in My Heart 1954 0, 0
Francis in the Navy 1955 Comedy, Fantasy
Rebel Without a Cause Frank Stark 1955 Drama, Romance
You Can't Run Away from It Danker 1956
Top Secret Affair 1957
Man of a Thousand Faces Clarence Logan 1957
The Girl He Left Behind 1957 Comedy, Drama
Ask Any Girl 1959
Zotz! Horatio Kellgore 1962
Operation Bikini 1963 Drama
Sunday in New York 1963 Comedy, Romance
The Wheeler Dealers 1963 Comedy
Advance to the Rear 1964
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home 1965 Comedy
Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? 1968 Comedy
Wake Me When The War Is Over 1969 Comedy
Myra Breckinridge 1970 Comedy
Mooch Goes to Hollywood 1971
Now You See Him, Now You Don't Timothy Forsythe 1972
The Girl Most Likely to... 1973 Comedy, Crime
Good Guys Wear Black 1978
Rescue From Gilligan's Island Thurston Howell III 1978
The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island Thurston Howell III 1981
Slapstick of Another Kind 1984
Prince Jack Dealy 1985 Drama
The Enchanted Journey Gamun 1986 Animation, Family, Fantasy