João Pedro Cary Biography

Birthday: 1993-11-18
Place of Birth: Portugal
Wiki Biography: He started his carreer in 2000, with a small role in "Jardins Proibidos". Since then he has worked in several Tv series like "O Ultimo Beijo" 2002;"Tudo por Amor" 2002; "Ola Pai" 2003; "Uma Aventura no Ribatejo" 2004; "Inspector Max"(1 episode) 2004 and more recently in "Ninguem como Tu" 2005. He has done some workshops too. In his free time he likes to sing. He practices football, swimming and horse riding.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
La sirène rouge Child 2002 Crime, Thriller, Action
Histórias de Alice Young Lucas 2009 Drama, Romance