Joan Crawford Biography

Birthday: 1905-03-23
Place of Birth: San Antonio, Texas
Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)
Wiki Biography: Joan Crawford was born Lucille Fay LeSueur on March 23, 1905 in San Antonio, Texas. She was the product of a broken home before she was born in that her parents were already separated before the birth. Her mother had trouble keeping husbands after having married three times. Joan was fond of dancing and had entered several dance contests. She wanted a career in show business because it was much more glamorous than the odd jobs she was working. One dance contest she won landed her in a chorus line. Before long, Joan found herself dancing in the big cities of the Mid-West and along the Atlantic coast. After almost two years dancing, Joan decided to take a chance and packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles, California and the movie colony of Hollywood. She felt movies might afford her a chance of fame and glory and she was determined to succeed. Not long after arriving in California, Joan got her first bit role as a showgirl in Pretty Ladies (1925) in 1925. Three other films quickly followed. Although the roles weren't much to speak of, Joan continued to toil away. Throughout 1927 and the first part of 1928, Joan was handed menial roles. That ended with the role of Diana Medford in Our Dancing Daughters (1928). The film was the one to get her elevated to star status. She had made the tough hurdle of making the "big time". Now she was faced with another. The "talkie" era was upon the movie colony and many stars of the era were suddenly worried about their futures. With silent pictures, it didn't matter what kind of voice you had, but with sound pictures it made a tremendous difference. While some stars saw their livelihood halted, Joan's strong voice enabled her to continue. Her first film with sound was in Untamed (1929). The film was a success and Joan's career was still in top form. As she entered the 1930s, Joan became one of the top stars in the MGM stable. Films such as Grand Hotel (1932), Sadie McKee (1934), No More Ladies (1935), and Love on the Run (1936), kept movie patrons and film executives happy. Joan was in top form. By the time the 1940s rolled around, Joan noticed she wasn't getting the plum roles which once came her way. There were new stars in town and the public wanted to see them. She left MGM and went to rival Warner Brothers Studio where she landed the role of a lifetime. In 1945, Joan landed the lead in Mildred Pierce (1945), a film depicting the rise of a housewife to a successful businesswoman. The film landed Joan her first and only Oscar for Best Actress. The following year she appeared with John Garfield in the well-received Humoresque (1946). In 1947, Joan landed the role of Louise Graham in Possessed (1947). Again she was nominated for a Best Actress from the Academy, but lost to Loretta Young in The Farmer's Daughter (1947). Joan continued to pick and choose what good roles she wanted to appear in. 1952 saw Joan nominated for a third time for her role of Myra Hudson in Sudden Fear (1952). This time the coveted Oscar went to Shirley Booth in Come Back, Little Sheba (1952). Her career slowed down tremendously after that. Movie after movie saw her relegated to menial roles, with the possible exception of 1962's What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) with her arch-rival, Bette Davis, who she detested. By now the feud, between the two was well-known. No one is sure exactly how it started, but one time Miss Davis said of Joan, "She's slept with every male star at MGM except Lassie." In return Joan said, "I don't hate Bette Davis even though the press wants me to. I resent her. I don't see how she built a career out of a set of mannerisms, instead of real acting ability. Take away the pop eyes, the cigarette, and those funny clipped words and what have you got? She's phony, but I guess the public really likes that". Her final appearance on the silver screen was a 1970 flop called Trog (1970). Turning to vodka, she was not seen much afterward. On May 10, 1977, Joan died of cancer in New York City. She was 72 years old. After Joan cut her adopted daughter Christina and son Christopher out of her will, Christina wrote a tell-all book called "Mommie Dearest", published in 1978. The book cast Joan in a negative light and was cause for much debate, particularly among her friends and acquaintances, including Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Crawford's first husband. In 1981 "Mommie Dearest" was made into a movie starring Faye Dunaway which did well at the box office. She is interred in the same mausoleum as her MGM cohort Judy Garland in Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York.

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Joan Crawford Joan Crawford Joan Crawford Joan Crawford Joan Crawford Joan Crawford


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Above Suspicion Frances Myles 1943 Drama
The Secret Storm Joan Borman Kane 1954 Drama
The Best of Everything 1959 Drama
Della 1964 Drama
Flamingo Road Lane Bellamy 1981 - 1982 Drama
Gran Hotel Flaemmchen - the Stenographer 2011 Crime
Jedwards Big Adventure Mildred Pierce 2011 Comedy
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Pretty Ladies 1925 Comedy, Drama
Old Clothes 1925 Drama
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp Betty Burton 1926
The Boob 1926 Comedy, Romance
The Unknown Nanon Zanzi 1927 0, Reality Tv
Twelve Miles Out Jane 1927
West Point Betty Channing 1928 0
Our Dancing Daughters Diana Medford 1928 0
The Law of the Range 1928
Four Walls 1928 Drama
Dream of Love Adrienne Lecouvreur 1928 Drama
Our Modern Maidens 1929 0
The Hollywood Revue of 1929 Musical
Montana Moon Joan 'Montana' Prescott 1930 Comedy, Drama, Musical
Paid 1930 Drama
Dance, Fools, Dance 1931 Crime, Drama
Laughing Sinners 1931 Drama, Romance
This Modern Age 1931 Drama
Grand Hotel Flaemmchen 1932 Biography
Today We Live 1933 Drama, Romance
Dancing Lady 1933 Musical, Comedy, Romance
Sadie McKee Sadie McKee 1934 0
Forsaking All Others 1934 Comedy, Drama, Romance
No More Ladies 1935 Comedy, Romance
I Live My Life 1935 Comedy, Drama
The Gorgeous Hussy 1936 Drama, History
The Bride Wore Red 1937 Comedy, Drama, Romance
The Shining Hour 1938 Drama, Romance
The Women Crystal Allen 1939 0
The Ice Follies of 1939 Musical, Drama
Strange Cargo Julie 1940 Drama, Romance
Susan and God Susan Trexel 1940 Drama, Comedy
A Woman's Face Anna Holm 1941 Game Show
When Ladies Meet Mary 'Minnie' Howard 1941 Comedy, Drama, Romance
They All Kissed the Bride 1942 0
Reunion in France 1942 Drama, Romance
Above Suspicion 1943 0, Game Show
Hollywood Canteen 1944 Comedy, Musical, Romance
Humoresque 1947 0, 0
Daisy Kenyon 1947 Drama, Romance
Flamingo Road Lane Bellamy 1949 0
The Damned Don't Cry! Ethel Whitehead 1950
Harriet Craig Harriet Craig 1950 Drama
Goodbye, My Fancy 1951 Comedy, Romance
Sudden Fear Myra Hudson 1952 0
This Woman is Dangerous 1952 Drama
Johnny Guitar Vienna 1954
Queen Bee Eva Phillips 1955
Female on the Beach Lynn Markham 1955
Autumn Leaves 1956 Drama
The Story of Esther Costello 1957
The Best of Everything 1959 Drama, Romance
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Blanche Hudson 1962 Reality Tv, Game Show
The Caretakers 1963 Drama
Strait-Jacket Lucy Harbin 1964 0, Reality Tv
I Saw What You Did 1965 Horror, Thriller
Possessed Louise Howell 2009 Game Show
Love on the Run Sally Parker 2016 0