Joe's Palace

Joe's Palace Series
Genre: Drama
Premiere: 2007
Network: BBC One
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10
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Full Show Summary

Joe's Palace explores the relationship between the two central characters, Elliot Graham, a reclusive billionaire, and Joe, the teenage son of a cleaner who takes care of Elliot's grand empty mansion. Elliot lives close by but is unable to live in the palatial house he has inherited. It has too many echoes of the past. Once a venue for sumptuous parties and soirees, the house has become a stultifying legacy that haunts Elliot, riddled with mysteries and unanswered questions. Part messenger, part protégé, Joe is a link between Elliot and the outside world as thei r story and the stories of the visitors to the empty building ricochet and reverberate. Richard, a high flying cabinet minister, conducts an illicit affair with Charlotte at Elliot's empty mansion. For the lovers the building provides an luxurious refuge, but as time passes and their love affair unravels, it feels more like a prison. Joe, Elliot and Tina, a young woman they befriend from the local delicatessen, join forces and discover the dark secret at the heart of Elliot's past. (Source: BBC Press Office) more less