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Film title: Joey Breaker
Language: English
Plot: Joey Breaker is a fast-talking, ambitious, workaholic agent representing actors, screenwriters, and comedians for the New York firm of Morgan Creative. He is callous and intolerant, but when he unexpectedly falls in love, he begins to see that he has been missing much of what is important in life. His demeanor mellows and he learns to be more tolerant of others. Suddenly, he is faced with a difficult choice when his girlfriend graduates from nursing school and returns to J

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Joey Breaker Cast & Crew

Richard Edson
as Joey Breaker
Cedella Marley
as Cyan Worthington
Fred Fondren
as Alfred Moore
Erik King
as Hip Hop Hank
Gina Gershon
as Jenny Chaser
Philip Seymour Hoffman
as Wiley McCall
Mary Joy
as Esther Trigliani
Sam Coppola
as Sid Kramer
Michael Imperioli
as Larry Metz
Olga Bagnasco
as Karina Danzi
Laurence Mason
as Lester White
Seth Gilliam
as Jeremy Brasher
John Costelloe
as Randy Jeter
Sunday Theodore
as Morissa Marker
George Bartenieff
as Dean Milford