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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Supersize Grime Uncle George 2011
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Black Legion 1937 0
Marked Woman 1937 Crime, Drama, Music
The Life of Emile Zola 1937 Drama
The Man Without a Country Lt. Philip Nolan 1937 Drama
Jezebel 1938
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse 1938 0
Dodge City 1939 0
Old Glory Patrick Henry 1939 Animation, Drama
The Return of Doctor X Dr. Francis Flegg 1939
Virginia City 1940 0
Santa Fe Trail 1940 0, Fantasy
Fighting 69th 1940 Action, Adventure
They Drive by Night 1940 Crime, Drama
Knute Rockne, All American 1940 Drama, Sport
They Died with Their Boots On Gen. Phil Sheridan 1941 0, Biography
The Mystery of the Marie Celeste Henri Beauvais 1942
Don Winslow of the Navy 1942 Action, Adventure
Invisible Agent 1942 Adventure, Comedy, Horror
Crime Doctor 1943 Crime, Drama
So Proudly We Hail! 1944 Drama, Romance
Sister Kenny 1946 Drama
Cass Timberlane 1947
The Beginning or the End 1947 Drama, History
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 1950 Crime, Drama
The Fuller Brush Girl 1950 Comedy
Two-Dollar Bettor 1951 Crime, Drama
Flight to Mars 1951 Sci Fi
Scaramouche 1952 Adventure, Drama, History
Sitting Bull 1954
The Kentuckian 1955 Drama
Texas Lady 1955
Houseboat 1958 0, 0, 0
Pocketful of Miracles 1961 Comedy, Drama
The Sons of Katie Elder 1965