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Birthday: 1947-01-31
Place of Birth: Washington, District of Columbia
Wiki Biography: Versatile veteran character actor Jonathan Banks was born in Washington D.C in 1947. While growing up he always had an interest in acting and stage work, so decided to pursue a career in entertainment. To this day he is a very accomplished stage actor. While acting in film, he usually plays sinister types or villains. Most recently he can be seen in "Breaking Bad" (2008) as Mike Ehrmantraut.

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Jonathan Banks Jonathan Banks Jonathan Banks Jonathan Banks Jonathan Banks Jonathan Banks


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Dark Blue Crime
Otherworld Kommander Nuveen Kroll 1985 Adventure
Wiseguy Frank McPike 1988 - 1989 Comedy
There Goes The Neighborhood 1992 Comedy
Flipper Dirk Moran 1995 - 2000 Family
Day Break Shadow Man / ... 2006 Action
Breaking Bad Mike Ehrmantraut 2008 Crime
Jessie Ernie Ross 2011
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Flipper Dirk Moran 1963 0, 0
Stir Crazy 1980 0
Airplane! 1980 Comedy, Romance
Gangster Wars Dutch Schultz 1981 Crime, History
Frances 1982 0
48 Hrs. 1982 0, 0, Comedy, 0
Beverly Hills Cop Zack 1984 Action, Comedy, Crime
The Fifth Missile 1986 Drama, Thriller
Armed and Dangerous 1986 Action, Comedy, Crime
Cold Steel 1988 Action, Thriller
Freejack 1992
There Goes the Neighborhood 1992 Comedy, Crime, Romance
Body Shot Simon Devereaux / Blake Donner 1994 Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory 1995 Action, Thriller
Walker Texas Ranger 3: Deadly Reunion Shelby Valentine 1995 Action, Crime, Drama
Dark Breed Joseph Shay 1996 Reality Tv, Sport, Game Show
Foolish Numbers 1999 0
Trash Judge Callum 1999 Biography, Drama
Let the Devil Wear Black 2000 Crime, Thriller, Drama
Downward Angel Herod 2001 Thriller
Italian Ties Inspector 2001 Drama, Family, Comedy
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles 2001 Adventure, Comedy
Dark Blue 2002 0, Comedy, 0
Proximity Price 2002 Action, Crime, Mystery
Puff, Puff, Pass Lance 2006
Reign Over Me 2007 Drama
Proud American 2008 Drama
Identity Thief Paul 2013 Comedy, Crime
Watercolor Postcards Ledball 2013 Drama
Authors Anonymous David Kelleher 2014 Comedy
Bullet Carlito Kane 2014 Action