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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Warrior POV Harry Humphries 2013 Action
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
High Risk Drug Enforcer 1981 0, Game Show, 0
Desert Rose Wes 2002
The Dead Link Bungy 2002
Dark Places Detective Frank 2005 Drama, Horror
Hood of the Living Dead 2005 Horror
YaDaDa Movie Chief 2006 Comedy
Psycho Manor Chad 2006 Horror
The Whistler Carlos 2006 Crime, Horror
The Lonely Ones Blake Torres 2006 Horror
Sportkill Assassin / Detective Rhames 2007 Horror, Sport, Thriller
Love and Honor Mario 2008 Drama
Melvyn's Clock Tony 2008 Drama
Running on Empty Dreams Corey Harris 2009 Drama, Romance
References Fred 2009 Comedy, Romance
Red Corvette Detective Ortega 2009 Drama
Haunted Airplane Diggs 2009 Horror
I Got Five on It Too Oscar 2009 Comedy
Orville Assassin 2009 Horror
Avé Maria Brian 2009 Crime, Drama, Thriller
Doilie's Diner Ralph 2009 Comedy, Drama
La Funcionaria Asesina The Victim 2009 Action, Comedy, Crime
Angels, Devils and Men Carl Benson 2009 Comedy, Drama
Blood Moon Rising Sanchez 2009 Comedy, Horror
Orn Agent Cooper 2009 Horror
Sabor tropical Manos 2010 Drama, Thriller
Mad Mad Wagon Party Bruno Gambini 2010 Comedy
Ripped Memories Richard 2010 Drama, Thriller
King's Man David 2010 Drama
Monsterpiece Theatre Volume 1 Darren 2011 Comedy, Horror
Anthem Tom 2011 Drama
Deliverance from Evil Mike 2012 Horror
The 49th Line Dwayne 2012 Horror
Blocked Wayne Luna 2012 Thriller
Natalie's Lose Lose Mans Voice 2012 Thriller
A House Is Not a Home Ghostly apparition 2013 Horror
The Price of Success Leader of the Hitmen 2013 Action, Thriller
Hunting the Phantom Carson 2013 Action, Adventure
Grey Sheep Niko 2013 Comedy, Drama
Slaughter Creek Detective Garcia 2013 Drama, Horror
Age of Dinosaurs Doug 2013 Action
Cathedral Canyon Johnny Elmore 2013 Drama
April Rain Hasan 2013 Action
The Ultimate Throwdown Randy 2014 Action, Horror, Thriller
Terms & Conditions SUV Passenger 2014 Action
Office Ninja Raheem 2014 0
Undercover Detective Grimes 2014 Comedy
Adam K Michael Parson 2014 Horror
Always with You Father 2014 Drama, Family
The Grow Up Luise Vill Hustler 2014 Drama
Dante's Hell Documented Speaker: 7th Circle - The Murderers 2014 Drama, Family, Fantasy
Asteroid vs. Earth Gunnery Sergeant Luiz Zuniga 2014 Action, Adventure
6 Ways to Sundown Marcus 2014 Action, Crime, Thriller
The Book of Habbalah, Book 1 Draco / The Director 2014 Horror
The Prodigal Corporal Angel Ramirez 2014 Action, Thriller
The Heart of a Woman Booking Officer 2015 Biography, Drama
Bank Dino 2016 Action