Joseph Cortese Biography

Birthday: 1948-02-22
Place of Birth: Paterson, New Jersey USA

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Ruby Louie Vitali 1997 - 2000
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Death Collector 0000
Monsignor 1982 Crime, Drama
Gone Are the Dayes 1984 Comedy, Crime
Deadly Illusion Detective Paul Lefferts 1987 Adventure, Thriller, Crime
Illicit Dreams Daniel Davis 1995 Action, Drama, Thriller
The Last Word Jimmy 1995 Crime, Drama, Thriller
American History X Rasmussen 1998 Crime, Drama
Malevolence Billy Bob Jones 1999 Drama
Nowhere Land Luke Santelli 2000 Action, Drama, Crime
The Shipment 2001
You Got Nothin' Big Tommy 2002
Against the Ropes 2004 Biography
Shut Up and Shoot! Spencer Spector 2006 Comedy, Thriller
Go Go Tales Danny Cash 2011 Comedy, Drama
Any Day Hipster Jack 2015 Biography, Game Show
The Bronx Bull Vito Lazio 2016