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Watch Joshua  Online
Film title: Joshua
Rotten Tomatoes: 62%
Language: English
Plot: The Cairn's life seems to be a harmonic family: The father Brad works as a stockbroker, his wife Abby takes care of their common new-born daughter Lily, and the 9-year-old Joshua is high-talented. But the appearances are deceptive. Joshua becomes gradual jealously, that his parents give the baby more attention than him. Therefore he begins to terrorize his family.

Joshua Cast & Crew

Sam Rockwell
as Brad Cairn
Vera Farmiga
as Abby Cairn
Celia Weston
as Hazel Cairn
Dallas Roberts
as Ned Davidoff
Michael McKean
as Chester Jenkins
Jacob Kogan
as Joshua Cairn
Nancy Giles
as Betsy Polsheck
Linda Larkin
as Ms. Danforth
Alex Draper
as Stewart Slocum
Stephanie Roth Haberle
as Pediatrician
Ezra Barnes
as Fred Solomon
Jodie Markell
as Ruth Solomon
Rufus Collins
as Henry Abernathy
Haviland Morris
as Monique Abernathy
Tom Bloom
as Joe Cairn