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Wiki Biography: Julie Carlson grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She attended one of the largest high schools in the country. Despite being quite shy during high school she made numerous friends from varied "cliques". Her personality while among friends however was just the opposite . Julie always had a smile on her face and laughter in her voice. Quick to help others, bright and insightful she was a favorite of students and teachers alike. Her personal favorite of her teachers, a social studies teacher, remembers fondly how she would brighten up the classroom with her sparkling personality. Her junior year she left high school to move to California to pursue her life long dream/love of acting. She has been highly praised for "breakout" performances in her first feature films and is expected to continue her career to increasing acclaim.

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Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Cryptic Older Jessie Graver 2009 Thriller
Sawdust City Mandy 2011 Drama
This Thing with Sarah Taylor 2014 Comedy, Drama, Romance