Jullian Dulce Vida Biography

Birthday: 1966-06-19
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Wiki Biography: Jullian grew up in Greenwich Village New York ( The Village ) Jullian's dream of becoming a working actor began to take shape in December 1992 when he auditioned for and won a Guest-starring role on a Saturday morning sitcom for Universal and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment called "Harry and the Henderson's". Hilary Swank had just guest-starred on the previous episode. The role gave Jullian his membership into the Screen Actors Guild and he has been a working actor ever since. Jullian Dulce Vida has been a working actor almost 20 years. A Vested Pensioned SAG Member. He has costarred with Joshua Jackson, DJ Qualls and Jaime King in "Lone Star State of Mind" Directed by David Semel for Marshall Herskovitz, Ed Zwick and Columbia Pictures. He Starred as a Series regular with Katherine Heigel and Elliot Gould in CBS Pilot "Vegas Dick. Leslie Moonves saw Jullian's audition tape and just "signed off" on Jullian to join the star studded cast. He also starred with Michael Madsen, Ron Livingston and Mario Van Peebles in 20th Fox' "44 Minutes". A film about the infamous Bank of America North Hollywood shootout Directed by the brilliant DGA Award winning director Yves Simoneau. Yves and Jullian became fast friends on the set of "44 Minutes" and remain great friends today. The film was Produced by Gerald Abrams Father of JJ Abrams. Along the way Jullian was invited by Imagine to be one of a handful of actors chosen to participate in a 4 hour personal and intimate script table read for Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and John Sayles. Jullian has worked in quite a few Imagine produced Films and TV shows. Jullian was brilliantly Hilarious opposite Jim Carrey in "Fun with Dick and Jane". He starred alongside Dennis Farina in CBS' "Buddy Faro" and worked closely with Angelina Jolie in "Gia". Jullian was very surprised in 2010 to be invited to work closely with Holly Hunter on the final season - season finale episode of "Saving Grace". When I say closely I mean Jullian had to wear a G-String for the shoot. It was a first for him in the Semi Nude role. Holly Hunter at one point in a scene, punches Jullian's character in the nose. They had the scene all worked out with the stunt coordinator and it was working great. On the last take Holly Hunter throws her punch in the scene and actually connected Jullian's nose. Being able to tap into the deep and diverse characters Jullian has played come simply from keeping his childlike imagination at the forefront of his work. His ability to extend his range is wonderful to see because it comes from a purity of the love of the craft and no enhancers or "emotional recall" type baggage. Jullian has never drank alcohol, smoked or done any drugs and is very proud of that. Besides being an extremely gifted and brilliant talent - Jullian is an awesome "Daddy" and husband as well with a wife of almost 17 years and two beautiful daughters. Jullian lives in a quiet family neighborhood, in a beautiful home with his wife and two daughters. He speaks fluent Spanish and Italian.

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Jullian Dulce Vida Jullian Dulce Vida Jullian Dulce Vida Jullian Dulce Vida Jullian Dulce Vida


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Gia 1998 Drama, Romance
Across the Line Jesus 2000
Lone Star State of Mind 2002
44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out Luis Rivera 2003 Crime, Drama, Action
Stone & Ed Moustache 2008 Comedy
Escapee Fred Ramos 2011 Horror, Thriller
The Wayshower Jaisinha 2012 Drama
Lost in Boston Ray Waters 2013 Mystery
Konstantin & 'Miss Divine' Konstantin 2014 Romance
Cornmeal, Gunpowder, Ham Hocks and Guitar Strings Capitan Filipippo Bodegas 2015 Mystery
Zig Zag Ramon 2018 0