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Birthday: 1995-02-25
Place of Birth: England, UK
Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
Wiki Biography: Actor Karl Hughes was born on the 25th February 1995 in Liverpool, England. He began to act at the age of 6, after a visit to Oakfield accompanied with his mother, Pauline Hughes, who introduced him to Actor/Director Ian Culshaw, who helped him make his Theatre debut with "Cinderella" in 2002, after there first collaboration they went on to do several more plays such as, Queen of Hearts, Aladdin, Babes In The Wood, Dick Wittington and Mother Goose.Not long after leaving Oakfield DG Karl Hughes was spotted by watch-out Betty Hall who introduced him to M.M.T.C (Maghull Musical Theatre Company) Directors who boosted his stage experience and made him one of there well respected cast members, Karl Hughes stayed with M.M.T.C for several years and did plenty of stage productions including, Oliver Twist, The King & I, Oklahoma and The Wizard of Oz.However after long consideration he decided he did not want to do anymore Theatre productions and instead he wanted to go into the Film and Television Industry. After leaving M.M.T.C Karl Hughes joined with Y.U.L.A (Young Undiscovered Liverpool Actors) Acting Agency which taught him all he needed to know before he went into the industry, he continued to learn and showcased his talent at Y.U.L.A's stage productions, Our Day Out, The Ash Girl.Whilst a member of Y.U.L.A Karl Hughes completed a two week course with The National Youth Theatre down in London. Then landed a part in Liverpool based feature film "Nowhere Fast" Directed by Martin Wallace, He also landed the main part in a small budget film "My Blue Heaven" Directed by Nadine Hearty, playing the character of Buster Keaton.Karl Hughes won numerous Awards whilst with Y.U.L.A and passed all of his LAMDA Examinations with a 'Destinction' the most recent being his Grade 7 LAMDA, Karl Hughes received 96 marks out of 100 for his 'Billy Liar' and 'Hillsborough' pieces. He stayed well committed to Y.U.L.A for 4 years, however he left September 2010 due to lack of work.Karl Hughes finished High school at St Edwards College on the 24th July 2011. St Edwards found out about his hidden talent, when he performed a monologue for staff and pupils during a college Assembly. Since leaving St Edwards he has done several Photo-shoots with BA Studios, JK Studios, BP Studios, Perspectus ltd for commercials and magazine cover photos. He has been interviewed by numerous Magazines and Newspapers including the Liverpool Echo. He landed the role of a vampires brother in 'Being Human' which is set to be filmed later this year. He also landed the main part along side actor Ben Perryman in the upcoming feature film "Catalogue Man" Directed by Jacqueline Kirkham. Karl Hughes recently completed a BTEC course in acting at Liverpool Community College.Overall Karl Hughes is perhaps one of the many versatile actors of his day and especially for his age, already this year he has been approached by numerous companies including Walt Disney Pictures and ITV.

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