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Birthday: 1961-05-15
Place of Birth: Westminster, London
Wiki Biography: Katrin Cartlidge began her career as a doing backstage & front of house work at London's Royal Court Theatre, having appeared with their Young People's Theatre group. She progressed to appearing in play readings and workshops before winning a regular role in "Brookside" (1982). She went on to forge an award-winning career in theatre and film. In the wake of her death, the Katrin Cartlidge Foundation was established to recognize a "new creative voice in cinema" at the Sarjevo Film Festival.

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Katrin Cartlidge Katrin Cartlidge Katrin Cartlidge


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Sacred Hearts Doris 1986 Comedy, Drama
Eat the Rich 1987 0, Comedy
Naked 1993
Look Me in the Eye Lover in Cafe 1994 Thriller
Before the Rain 1995 Drama
Before the Rains 1995 Drama
Merisairas Elena Polakov 1996 Drama, Thriller
Breaking the Waves Dodo McNeill 1996 Drama, Romance
Career Girls 1997 Drama
Claire Dolan Claire Dolan 1998 Drama
Hi-Life April 1998 Comedy, Romance
The Lost Son Emily 1999 Crime, Drama, Romance
The Weight of Water 2000 0
The Cherry Orchard Varya 2000 Drama
Hotel Splendide Cora Blanche 2000 Comedy
From Hell Dark Annie Chapman 2001 Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Searching for Debra Winger 2002 Documentary