Keith Szarabajka Biography

Birthday: 1952-12-02
Place of Birth: Oak Park, Illinois

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Keith Szarabajka


TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Equalizer Mickey Kostmayer 1985 Action
Stephen King's Golden Years Harlan Williams 1991 - 1991
Profit Charles Henry "Chaz" Gracen 1996 - 1996
Thanks Reverend Goodacre 1999 Comedy
Missing David Holloway 2004 - 2005 Drama
Ultimate Spiderman Wolverine 2005 Action
Marie Kevin McCormack 2012
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Marie Kevin McCormack 1985
Warning Sign Tippett 1985 Game Show, 0, Sport
Walker Timothy Crocker 1987 Adventure, Drama, History
The Misfit Brigade Old Man 1988 Action, Adventure, Drama
Billy Galvin Donny 1988 Drama
Staying Together Kevin Burley 1989 Comedy, Drama
Under Cover of Darkness Clayton Dooley 1992 Drama, Mystery
A Perfect World 1993 Comedy, 0
Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 Squirrel's Father 1998 Comedy, Drama, Family
Missing David Holloway 2007 Game Show
Dead Space: Downfall 2008 Drama, Reality Tv, Sport
Halo 4 Movie: Reclaimer Trilogy Part 1 - Awakening Didact 2012 Action
The Insomniac Ted Lemont 2013 Crime, Drama, Mystery
Reparation Colonel Atreus 2015 Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Golden Years Harlan Williams 2016 Comedy, 0