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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
Whirlybirds Chuck Martin 1957 Adventure
Our Private World Dick Robinson 1965 Drama
The ABC Afternoon Playbreak 1972 Comedy
Terror in the Sky Capt. Wilson 2013
Frontier Gabe Sharp / ... 3727
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
My Friend Irma Goes West 1950 Comedy, Crime, Musical
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 1950 Crime, Drama
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms 1953 Sci Fi, Horror
The Bigamist 1953 Drama
Rage at Dawn 1955
Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier Col. Jim Bowie 1955 Family, Adventure
It Came from Beneath the Sea Cmdr. Pete Mathews 1955
The Great Locomotive Chase 1956 Action, Adventure, Family
The Wings of Eagles 1957 Drama
X-15 Col. Craig Brewster 1961
Terror in the Sky 1971 Thriller, Drama
Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry 1974 Crime, Drama, Romance
Wild and Wooly 1978 Comedy
The Howling Older Cop 1981 Horror
Strange Invaders 1983 Mystery, Sci Fi
The Lost Empire Capt. Hendry 1985 Action, Adventure, Comedy
Big Top Pee-wee 1988 Adventure, Family, Comedy
Freeway Monsignor Kavanaugh 1988 Thriller
Single White Female 1992 0
Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel 1992 Comedy, Mystery, Thriller
Body Shot Arthur Lassen 1994 Crime, Mystery, Thriller
The Naked Monster Col. Patrick Hendry 2006