Kenneth Williams Biography

Birthday: 1926-02-22
Place of Birth: London, England
Height: 5' 8" (1.73 m)
Wiki Biography: The acting bug bit Kenneth Williams when, as a student, his English teacher suggested he try out for a school play. He found that he enjoyed it tremendously, but when he raised the possibility at home of becoming an actor, his father forbade it. Williams was eventually sent to art school in London in 1941. In 1944 he was drafted into the army, and although posted to the Royal Engineers, he managed to land a job in the Combined Services Entertainment unit, where he got a chance to act in shows that were put on to entertain the troops, and even designed the posters that advertised the shows. After his discharge from the army he began to work as a professional actor, and traveled the country in repertory companies. It was in a production of "Saint Joan", where he played the Dauphin, that a radio producer saw him and hired him to do voice characterizations on a popular radio comedy show, "Hancock's Half Hour". His penchant for wild, off-the-wall characters led to his being hired by the producers of the "Carry On" comedy series, where he performed in 26 entries in the long-running series. When the series ended, Williams returned to radio work, and also made the rounds of the TV talk shows in addition to writing several books, including his autobiography. Later in his life Williams developed a serious ulcer, and was given medication to combat the pain. On April 15th 1988, he was found dead in his bed; it was determined that in addition to his regular pain pills, he had apparently taken some sleeping pills the night before, and the combination of those and his regular medication proved fatal.

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TV Title Appeared As Year Genre
The Kenneth Williams Show 1970 Comedy
Willo the Wisp 1981 Animation
Galloping Galaxies! 1985 Comedy
Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Moby Dick Rehearsed 1955
Carry On Sergeant 1958
Carry On Nurse 1959 Comedy, Romance
Carry On Teacher 1959
Carry On Cruising First Officer Leonard Marjoribanks 1962
Carry On Regardless 1962 Comedy
Carry On Jack Captain Fearless 1963
Carry On Spying Desmond Simkins 1964
Carry On Cleo Julius Caesar 1965 Comedy
Carry On Cowboy Judge Burke 1966
Carry On Doctor Dr. Kenneth Tinkle 1967
Carry On Screaming Doctor Orlando Watt 1967 Comedy, Horror
Carry On up the Khyber The Khasi of Kalabar 1968 Adventure, Comedy
Carry On Camping Doctor Kenneth Soaper 1969 Comedy
Carry On Again Doctor Frederick Carver 1970 Comedy
Carry On Loving Percival Snooper 1970 Comedy, Romance
Carry On Henry 1971
Carry On at Your Convenience 1971
Carry On Matron Sir Bernard Cutting 1972
Carry On Abroad Stuart Farquhar 1973 Comedy
Carry On Dick Captain Desmond Fancey 1974 Adventure, Comedy
Carry On Behind Professor Roland Crump 1976 Comedy
That's Carry On! 1977
Carry On Emmannuelle 1978 Comedy, Romance
Sacrifice Jim 'Mac' McLelland 2010