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Height: 5' 9½" (1.77 m)
Wiki Biography: Kent S. Leung was born in Vancouver, Canada on July 13, 1985. He grew up in the suburbs of North Vancouver in the small community of Deep Cove. After high-school he studied at the University of British Columbia pursuing a career in Psychology. In his years at University he found his way into modeling and was a model for the collegiate club CVC (Chinese Varsity Club). At the end of a fashion show in 2009 he was discovered by, Azn Lifestyles TV producer, Kevin Li. Working on Azn Lifestyles TV reinforced Kent's growing interests in the entertainment industry and aided in his decision to pursue a career in entertainment and eventually acting, despite his parent's wishes not to. After hosting the first season of Azn Lifestyles TV (2009), Kent began taking acting classes with various well known schools in Vancouver and has since found considerable success. In 2011 he played a lead in his first feature called Idiots Product and Money 2. So far in 2012, Kent has already played a supporting role in a feature called The Cover Up, launched a production company called Down Forward Punch Entertainment and played a lead role in another feature called John Apple Jack.

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Kent S. Leung Kent S. Leung Kent S. Leung Kent S. Leung Kent S. Leung Kent S. Leung


Movies Title Appeared As Year Genre
Idiots Product & Money 2 Jackie YoYo Chan 2012 Action, Comedy
John Apple Jack Jack 2013 0
The Cover-Up David 2014 Comedy
Bloody Knuckles Static 2014 Action, Comedy, Crime